Blundstone Boots – Safety and Protection

Blundstone: For Comfort and Security

If you spend your days toiling under dangerous working conditions, you undoubtedly invest a good deal of money into safety gear. The protection of your feet may not be your top priority when your job exposes you to falling debris or high-impact blasts, but it is an important matter to the individual at risk for cuts, punctures, burns, and sprains. While foot injuries are not usually life-threatening, they can be both painful and debilitating. Blundstone work boots safeguard your lower extremities and serve as one component of your protective apparel. Comfortable, shielding footwear that prevents slips and falls is a necessity if you want to stay in full feather for many years!

As an Australian boot manufacturer since the 1840’s, Blundstone boasts of top-level products that are each covered by a 2-year extended warranty. The company brand is recognised worldwide for its quality and durability. Blundstone is headquartered in Moonah, Tasmania where its skillful management team oversees the construction of boots for every occasion. The work and safety series offers a plethora of styles and features so that your feet can be guarded whether you are walking around a construction site, handling corrosive materials, or even getting your toes stepped on by a belligerent cow on the farm!

Since most pairs of Blundstone work boots are equipped with steel toe caps, you’ll never have to worry about the crushing effect of heavy objects. Other protective aspects of the footwear vary according to style and purpose. Regardless of your particular occupation, Blundstone has a boot with the perfect combination of safety components to meet your needs. Here are some of the specific features that are available.

Electrical Hazard Protection

Electrocution is among the deadliest of workplace dangers. Insulation can thwart a potentially fatal exposure to electricity and keep you intact. Blundstone offers boots with electrical hazard resistance that are tested against 18,000 volts at 60 Hz for one minute. The current flow and leakage current used during the procedure does not exceed 1.0mA, and the testing environment is dry. The protection against electrical shock is hindered when the boot’s outsole or heel is significantly worn down. A variety of styles with this critical feature are produced and are often utilized as a precautionary measure by individuals who don’t even work with electricity directly.

Non-Metallic Penetration Resistance

Perhaps the most painful on-the-job injury occurs when a worker steps on a nail that perforates his shoe and punctures his foot. Broken glass and other sharp objects that break the skin can be equally agonising. At Blundstone, safety boots often include insoles that stop penetration at a level higher than 1200N. Even nails with extremely small diameters can’t break through the sturdy material. The protective insoles afford some refuge from harmful chemicals as well. Meanwhile, the footwear remains flexible and comfortable as you maneuver around your workplace.

Heat Resistance

In distinct industries, heat is generated to a high degree requiring workers to wear specialised shoes and clothing. Moderate protection from heat is adequate in most work environments, and Blundstone manufactures appropriate footwear for temperatures reaching up to 143 degrees Celsius. These boots are designed for usage at most industrial factories ranging from glass making facilities to rubber product plants. Occasionally, insoles that can withstand temperatures as high as 304 degrees Celsius are constructed for extreme conditions. Blundstone’s boots are sewn with a strong thread designed to hold together in spite of harsh surroundings.

Metatarsal Protection

If you need more safeguarding than steel toe caps, you can choose a boot with additional metatarsal shielding. These delicate bones can easily be crushed by the impact of heavy equipment or flying debris. In case your foot gets run over by a forklift at the warehouse or stepped on by a rebellious horse on the ranch, you may wish to protect more than your toes. Blundstone’s safety features meet the impact and compression standards set by most industrial guidelines. While the increased protection is powerful, it does not require the sacrifice of style nor comfort.

The essence of Blundstone footwear is safety and functionality. The boots can also be constructed with slip resistance, defenses against chemical and biological hazards, and bacteria-fighting aspects. A specialised bamboo lining deodorises and fights fungal growth while keeping your feet clean and dry. The new PORON XRD material is utilized in some styles for shock resistance. Any combination of workforce safety options are available from Australia’s most dependable footwear manufacturer, Blundstone.

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