Choosing The Right Work Boots

Purchasing sturdy and reliable work boots is essential to your comfort as well as performance. Depending on the type of work you do, your work boots will vary. When purchasing work boots, keep in mind that you want something that is comfortable, flexible, durable and with great filtration. Air filtration is especially important for Australian work boots to keep shoes cool and dry.

Questions to Consider

Before shopping for work boots, ask some basic questions:

  1. What kind of work do you do in what industry?
  2. What’s the most important aspect for you when it comes to work boots? Is it comfort? Is it durability?
  3. What are the most hazardous substances that are on your job site? What kind of protection do your feet require based on those hazards?
  4. Are lace up boots convenient or inconvenient for your on-site use?

Basic Features to Consider

-Steel Toe: For comfort as well as safety, most work boots have the standard steel toe cap. Steel toe caps are in most work boot designs because they protect the feet from hazardous work places. There might be heavy tools, objects or dangerous chemicals at the worksite that might harm the employee’s feet.

-Heat Resistance: Conditions around industry workers often involve heat, fire and electricity. The safety of workers’ feet in high heat is especially important.

-Electrical Resistance: When walking around or near many electrical wires, there are special work boots designed to resist electrical shocks.

-Chemical Resistance: Industry workers may be prone to walking on or near chemicals at their job site. Footwear that keeps feet protected from these elements is especially important when looking for work boots.

-Water Resistance: One of the most basic qualities of nearly all boots is water resistance. Even leather upper boots, although made from a porous material, may be waterproof if they are treated properly.


Designs from Blundstone come with added protection against cuts, heat, electricity rolling and heavy impact. With nearly design history beginning since 1870, Blundstone understands the ins and outs of what work boots require at hazardous job site. Blundstone boots use quality materials like leather upper, thermo urethane outsoles, polyurethane midsoles, and a porous foot bed for maximum comfort and breathability. The foot bed is also washable as well as antibacterial to resist infections and skin damages. The stitching quality of Blundstone shoes are especially topnotch for quality durability. The secret to Blundstone’s excellent foot bedding is the bamboo lining which have natural thermal regulation, antifungal properties.

Blundstone work boots have a unique attribute to resisting electrical contact and withstands contact of up to 18,000V at 60Hz for a full minute. They also resist heat for up to 290 degrees Fahrenheit and are made from water resistant leather to withstand muddy conditions. For industry workers, Blundstone work boots are ideal for withstanding chemicals.

JB’s Wear

JB’s Wear specializes in industry footwear. Their work boots combine leather upper and mesh linings for durability and breathability to prevent bacteria and fungus. JB’s Wear industry footwear is also designed with shock absorbent heels to provide maximum comfort and prevent any nerve damage or stress. JB’s Wear work boots are designed with a broad fit steel toe cap for maximum safety against any hazardous workplace substances or impact.

Steel Blue

Steel Blue work boots are design conscious in their construction while still meeting the standards for safety features that most industry workers seek in their work boots. Steel Blue industry footwear comes with anti-static technology to prevent any fires or electric shocks that might cause bodily harm or injury. Water resistance is one of the most important qualities of work boots. This ensures longevity and unwanted fungus and bacteria from reaching the feet.

Mongrel Boots

Sydney manufactured work boots from Mongrel Boots are designed with 70 years of experience and with the most up-to-date technology to create quality footwear. Mongrel Boots designs industry footwear with AirZone comfort technology that absorbs heel shock to reduce stress as well as Roller Sole technology for easier, smoother walking. Mongrel Boots’ ToughSider soles allow for strong traction in harsh environmental conditions and comfort. Mongrel Boots’ rubber soles are lightweight, comfortable and flexible.


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