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Grubs SOUT-000L Outline Equestrian Boot


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Grubs SOUT-000L Outline Equestrian Boot

Grubs OUTLINE 5.0™ is designed specifically for the equestrian user who want a boot that will take them from yard to stirrup. 5MM INSUFOAM-ULTRA™ neoprene and rubber shell ankle boot provides comfort and warmth.

Moisture wicking linings use thousands of fibre loops that cosset the foot and wick away moisture keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. Combined with 5.0 INSU-FOAM ULTRA™ to provide an unequalled comfort range without sweat and heat build up.

OUTLINE™ OUTSOLE – GRIP-GRID pad grips the stirrup for better heel position and greater control.


HARD TOE TECHNOLOGY and – Unique HARD TOE™ TECHNOLOGY AND REINFORCED HEEL – reinforced toecap and ankle protects the wearer’s during daily activities.

  • Self-hardening layers of epoxy impregnated material to stiffen the toe of our boots to give a protective toe that can take the same sort of knocks as high-end mountaineering footwear.


KICK SPUR – Designed to keep spurs in place and help wearer remove the boot with ease


Comfort Rating -20º C to +20º C


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