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Wide Fit Toe Steel Cap Boots

If you have ever had any problems wearing steel-toe, safety shoes comfortably or if you just have wide toes and feet, you’ll appreciate the real comfort that wide toe work boots can give your feet for working all day on concrete floors. These boots are specifically designed to help our customers get the comfort they want and need. Wide Fit Toe safety cap boots are made with exceptionally wide steel or composite toes that are great for any type of feet; so no matter if you have an extremely wide foot, large toes, or normal toes, you are bound to find these boots very useful and practical. These wide toe safety boots are created to help you increase your efficiency at work by allowing your feet to have the toe room to work comfortably all day long so you don’t have to think for a second about your feet hurting this can really make a difference in your work efficiency and proficiency!

Wide toe work boots are offered in many different styles with specific features to give you what you need and want for the job you do. Some models are equipped with traditional Steel Toes and some with lighter weight Composite Toes built for comfort.


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