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Composite Toe Boots Australia

This type of safety footwear is a newer technology, but it is quickly being the norm as it is able to offer a wealth of benefits as well. Unlike steel cap boots, this is made from non-metal materials, which can include Kevlar, fiberglass, plastic, and carbon fibre, among others. To meet the Australian OHS standards they are also required to provide protection against 200J of energy and a compression load of at least 15kN.

One of its most significant benefits is that it is lighter as it is not made from steel. More so, if your job will require you to be passing through a metal detector regularly, this will also be an excellent choice as it is made from non-metal materials. The use of composites also makes it significantly more comfortable. In addition, it has better ability to resist electrical hazards. It should be also pointed out that it can offer great insulation, which makes it the ideal pick for safety boots if you work in cold climates.

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