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Can I just say what an absolute pleasure it was dealing with you guys. The customer service was amazing, and I am a very happy customer.

20 October 2021

Tom Nolan

Based in Brisbane, My 4th pair of Mongrel Boots were due for replacement after 18 months of hard punishment and comfy service. Normally I would rock up to the local Working Clobber Retail outlet and being size eight & a half, they would have to order in me size 8.5 Mongrel’s and return in 5 working days to collect them. Needed new ones in a hurry thought I’ll do the Google thing, punched in Mongrel Boots up came Cheap Work Boots dot com ah you !!!, a simple click and I’m surfing the huge range of work boots, scrolling down I find me Fav’s the Mongrel Wheat Suede Boots, half a dozen clicks later, and Boom I’ve made me purchase, simple quick and easy just like that. 1.53pm on Tuesday confirmation email came through in 2 minutes, 5 minutes later I get a courtesy call from customer service in Sydney to say thanks your order has been received and checks all details are correct, we are processing your order now for Parcel Post-dispatch this arvo.

24 September 2021

Pete Mc

I was looking online for ages at a specific type of boot (Steel Blue) but couldn’t find anyone in Sydney that stocked it. Stumbled upon Coalface online and called them up and they said they had it in stock. Turned up 30 minutes later and sure enough they had them in all sizes and colours. The guy working there was extremely helpful and suggested doing more than just trying them on to be sure they were the right shoe for me. He then went on to fully explain the lifetime guarantees offered to make sure I knew that the option was open for if I wasn’t satisfied. All in all it was really easy and the staff were great.

9 April 2016

Kelvin Jones

Serge is very helpful, customer service is awesome. An email for ordering, a quick restock, a bulk buy discount, ending with a happy pickup of my hi vis shirts and safety spec. Have been wearing them for 2 weeks after purchase, comfy and good quality. Will definitely go back again in future and also introduce to colleagues/ friends.

8 March 2016

wong kang jie

Went in with a specific idea for what I needed on relatively short notice and Serge was a champ – gave me honest advice of what kind of work boot I needed and was able to recommend a pair within this set of specs that matches my foot profile (ie width). The shoes are great quality and have served me really week – after only two days of wearing successfully came out on top after I dropped a loaded pallet on my toe – the boots meant I didn’t even feel it! Would definitely go back and recommend to friends

20 September 2015

Tim C

“Just visiting Sydney for business on my way back to Asia, I needed to buy some quality safety boots that I could not get in my remote location. My partner googled “safety shoes” and coal face work wear came up in the search. We called the shop first to see what was available and got a very warm, upbeat conversation with the shop keeper on what was available. Upon arriving at the store we where openly welcomed inside where I’d have to say that I received some of the best customer service I had ever had. Staff where extremely friendly and helpful and I walked away with a quality pair of boots that I know will last after getting an explanation and data sheets detailing what the product offered. I work in extreme conditions overseas within the shipbuilding industry and need good gear, I would personally recommend anyone needing safety wear to visit this store.”

14 February 2014

Timothy Clements

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