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Whether it’s because you need to present a clean and professional appearance to customers because you work in an in-store bakery, butchers or other food prep area; or because you need to keep a consistently clean appearance for health and safety reasons; workwear gumboots boots help achieve this look.

They can be made to match or contrast deliberately to your coveralls and their PVC material gives a sharp look. They are easy to maintain in order to give a literally clean look too. They wipe clean easily, withstand cleaning chemicals and are capable of withstanding vigorous cleaning.
Just like rinsing your gumboots boots that you might wear in the garden or when walking the dog, workwear gumboots can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Workwear gumboots, however, also have the added benefit of toe protection if you need it. Steel toe caps and steel midsoles are available, to make sure any heavy equipment or sharp blades you are working with do not pierce your boot and cause lasting damage.
Safety gumboots boots also offer slip protection from grease, water and oil. They’re purposely designed for use around these substances in hard floor areas.

They offer the best protection from slipping whilst also keeping your feet protected from the substances themselves. Available in white, safety gumboots are perfect for working in hygiene conscious settings like the food industry.

This allows spills and stains to be easily noticeable, helping to reinforce a culture of cleanliness in employees. If you will be working in wet conditions or performing intensive cleaning, gumboots are the ideal option because they’re purpose designed to keep your feet dry.
If you combine them with waterproof trousers and clothing, you can get to work rest assured that your comfort won’t be compromised through using footwear that isn’t watertight.

Workwear gumboots are designed for proper use, Safety gumboots also usually offer anti-static features to allow you to work whilst still meeting health and safety policy and minimise the risk of shock.

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