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Waterproof boots keep your feet warm and dry, this is the most obvious reason to have waterproof footwear. When you’re dealing with extreme conditions, you don’t want to waste your time with wet, cold, and uncomfortable feet. Also, depending on how long your feet stay wet, you could run the risk of certain health conditions like trench foot, which can cause feet to become cold, numb, swollen, painful, and discoloured.

Trench foot doesn’t develop in just freezing temperatures. It’s caused by prolonged exposure to wet, cold conditions, and even as little as less than a day of exposure to damp conditions can cause it. Although trench foot is fully treatable, preventing it in the first place by wearing waterproof footwear is a much better and more comfortable option. If you’re walking through significant amounts of flood water, you’re running the risk of exposing yourself to all sorts of contaminants, like hazardous or toxic substances, pesticides, animal waste, raw sewage, chemicals, and high bacterial counts.

Exposure to contaminated floodwater is linked to health issues like intestinal problems, upset stomach, headache, and flu symptoms. One of the best ways to minimize exposure to potentially contaminated floodwater is to wear waterproof footwear and avoid your skin touching the floodwater as much as possible. Depending on how deep it is, who knows what kind of debris and other hazards are hidden beneath the surface. Strong winds and surging floodwaters can cause all sorts of items to be uprooted and cause potential hazards, and even the seemingly smallest piece of garbage could cause an injury. Sturdy, waterproof footwear will provide much more protection from debris. Even when you can see where you’re walking, water, snow, and ice can all cause slippery conditions for walking. Waterproof footwear often has rubber or strong grips to provide solid slip resistance, traction, and a more secure grip, which helps when walking on slippery or uneven surfaces. Water isn’t the only liquid that you need to worry about, chemicals, fuels, or other solvents that are usually stored safely could be disrupted by floodwaters, extremely high winds, or debris caused by high winds. Downed power lines are often the result of many extreme weather conditions, and can cause a serious threat. Safety guidelines for moving around downed power lines include keeping your feet close together and shuffling away from the downed power line without picking up your feet. In addition to being waterproof, many safety types of rubber safety boots are antistatic, which means they will help avoid an electrostatic charge and minimize the risk of electric shocks.

Having dry feet is going to make a huge difference while you’re responding to the disastrous situation. Many types of waterproof footwear are shock absorbing and lightweight, which is extremely important considering you might be on your feet for hours at a time.

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