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Steel Blue 310220 Randwick Non Safety Boot Slip On

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Steel Blue 310220 Randwick Unisex Non Safety Boots


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Boots made from high quality, long-lasting leather, including Nubuck, Full-Grain, TECtuff®, Suede and more.


Airport Friendly

Move through security environments without hassle.


TPU Outsole

Our standard durable outsole with heat resistance to 130°C.


Slip & Oil Resistance

All Steel Blue footwear is designed to exceed the Slip resistance requirement in both the AS 2210.3 and EN ISO 20345. Our boots are rated as SRC which means that the footwear has been tested in laboratory conditions on both a ceramic tile floor with a Sodium Laureth Sulfate solution (SLS) and on a steel floor with Glycerine.



Prevents the build-up of static electricity within your body by dissipating it through the sole.


Water Resistant

A treatment during the manufacturing process provides water resistance so that water is repelled from the surface.


Pull On

Convenient, easy access work boots with an elastic side.



A popular, lightweight alternative to our safety boots range, when you don’t need toe protection.


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